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  • Prebiotics and Probiotics: Why You Need Both for a Healthy Gut
    Every year when spring finally breaks from the relentless chill of winter, my family and I eagerly plant our garden boxes with seeds that, at various intervals throughout the year, Read more
  • Take Time Away From The Couch and The Screen!
    Studies show that if you exercise by taking a walk most days of the  week, you can expect to live longer than the kind of folks who inspired  the phrase Read more
  • Vitamin D Levels are Directly Related to Hypertension.
    ~~As those of you who have been receiving my articles for many years now are aware I am constantly reviewing research studies about the effects of vitamin D deficiency on Read more
  • Why do cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) cause
    ~~     A research team at the University of Arizona headed by neuroscientist Linda L. Restifo may have found the reason. The possible cause has been labeled the "string of beads" Read more
  • CoQ-10 is Now Being Referred to as a DRUG???
    ~~     I had to laugh when I read this study on another positive benefit of CoQ-10, and in the same study came to understand that it was now being referred Read more
  • Obesity's Direct Link to Cancer
    ~~Obesity's Direct Link to Cancer          Yes, we all know that being over weight or obese is not good for our Health in so many different ways. Obesity causes the joints Read more
  • Omega 3's Protect Against Cancer Causing Sun Exposure!
    ~~Well folks, once again what I have been telling you for years is being proven in the current research. In this most recent study performed in the U.K., researchers have Read more
  • GMO Debate Part 1
    ~~Let's look at what the research is saying about GMO foods, and the GMO process.    Recently a poorly referenced, and some might say a very opinionated article, appeared in the journal Read more
  • How to Combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    ~~As those of you who have followed my other articles on "Syndromes" realize the diagnosis of ... Syndrome simply means that there is not a definitive diagnosis for a particular Read more
    ~~      February is Heart Health Month, and in honor of that, our theme here at Upper Perk, and the Center for Nutrition and Wellness is Cardio-Vascular Health and Wellness. Let's Read more
  • GMO Debate Part 2
    ~~Up to now, we in the holistic/natural/alternative field have been unable to put forth legislation that would stop the onslaught of genetically modified foods. This is in large part, if Read more
  • Broccoli Fights Osteoarthritis
    ~~O.K. here he goes again, Dr. Pfeiffer is making another one of his "wild claims about another one of the research studies that he has been fretting through again." Well Read more
  • Vitamin D and Omega 3
    ~~A study published at the Nutrition and Metabolism Center, Oakland Children's Hospital and Research Institute in Oakland California demonstrates the direct relationship between a deficiency of vitamin D and Omega Read more
  • Tired of the Old Colonoscopy?
    ~~March is Colon Cancer Prevention Month. In recognition of that I thought that I could bring you some good news about what I am sure is one of your favorite Read more
  • Melatonin Demonstrating Positive Results
    ~~I mentioned to you at the end of last year that I would be researching more, and reporting to you about my findings regarding the epidemic of Alzheimer's which we Read more
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals Found in Umbilical Blood Samples!
    ~~That's right, believe it or not chemicals including DDT, polychlorinated biphenols (PCB's), teflon chemicals including perflorooctynyl sulfonate (PFOS), and perflorooctynoic acid (PFOA), as well as brominated flame retardants, lead and Read more