Spring 2011 Cleanse Biggest Losers

Dr. Pfeiffer presents:


from our Spring Cleaning Cleanse Event! 

Congratulations Carol and Justin!

In only 3 short weeks Carol and Justin successfully changed their lifestyles, belief systems, and dropped 11 and 8.2 pounds respectively. Carol and Justin, along with all of our Cleansers, are on the path toward Health and Wellness.

Every one of our past Cleanse Graduates attests to the fact that I repetitively emphasize that I never want our Cleanse to be referred to as a "Weight Loss Program". It is so much more than that! First of all it is a Full System Detox Cleanse. During the 21 day process you will have "classes" which will teach you how to easily and seamlessly make the "LifeStyle" and "Belief System" changes necessary to help you transition your life toward a "Health and Wellness Paradigm", and away from a "disease and sickness paradigm". You never "force" yourself to do anything on the Cleanse as you would on a "diet". The Cleanse simply is not a diet; having said that I want you to realize that most of our Cleanse Graduates will lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. That is why I want to celebrate this fringe benefit with all of our most recentGraduates. While I certainly don't want to over emphasize this aspect of the Cleanse it is sort of fun to see the competitive nature of the weight loss as the Cleansers move through the 21 days and see the pounds melt away. For that reason I want to celebrate this aspect of the Cleanse with all of our Cleanse Graduates. I decided that this time around (in part due to the popularity of the TV show of the same name) I would allow our "Biggest Losers", Carol and Justin, a moment of fame with all of our Silver Inner Health Circle™ Members. So here we go. Take a look at our Biggest Losers and check out their total weight loss. Remember that weight loss occurred in just 21 short days. So do you think that the Cleanse might have changed their lives forever? You bet it did! 

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Yours in Health,
Dr. P.

Here are some comments from our Cleansers:

I felt great during the final week of the Cleanse. The most exciting change I've experienced is that I'm just feeling better! If you are thinking about doing the next Cleanse, you should try it! It's awesome!

~ Justin N.

During the final week of the Cleanse I've felt my energy level go up. I would recommend the Cleanse to others to learn a healthy way of eating.

~ Barbara S. 

One of the most exciting changes I've experienced while doing the Cleanse is that my clothes fit better! I'm feeling great! To those of you that are thinking about doing the next Cleanse, you can do anything for three weeks! Just stick to it and you will feel GREAT!

~Steffi L.

I have much more energy than normal during the final week of the Cleanse. I'm able to function at a higher level, later in the day. I'm experiencing less aches and pains and am feeling more wide awake. To those of you thinking about the Cleanse, do it for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

~Carol H.

During the final week of the Cleanse I've noticed I have so much energy that lasts all day long! I'm feeling great! I've been exercising about 3 to 4 times per week on the treadmill and core/weight workouts. I've felt really good and energized. Weight is coming off really easily. I have so much energy, I force myself to sit and relax. Some words of encouragement to others who are thinking about the Cleanse are...DO IT! Don't think that it will be tough; it isn't. Once you start to eat healthy and feel the wonderful results, you will wonder why you never tried it before! This is my second time doing it and it is worth it to feel great!

~Sharon S.

During the final week of the program I'm feeling absolutely wonderful! I felt much lighter, not hungry between meals, and it just felt "right" insides. I've been exercising 4 days a week and walking approximately 1-2 miles. One of the most exciting changes for me is that I didn't really feel hungry nor did I have the sugar cravings I did before. For those of you thinking about the Cleanse, do it at least once! It's such a good feeling to think you're doing something "beneficial" for your body and you're not introducing preservatives, chemicals or artificial additives! I plan to continue on with the Cleanse. 

~Alexis B.