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Welcome and thank you for visiting the home page of the Upper Perk Chiropratic Center LLC, your chiropractic office in Upper Perkiomen Valley and one-stop shop for learning about what chiropractic is and how what we do may help you. Take a few minutes to browse our site and give our office a call if you have any questions. Dr. Doug Pfeiffer, has been in active chiropractic practice in the beautiful Upper Perkiomen Valley for 30 years. Our chiropractic office is conveniently located at 1543 Layfield Road. Our services are readily available for those looking for a natural, drugless approach to a variety of health related concerns and injuries.

Dr. Pfeiffer would be happy to consult with anyone wanting to determine if chiropractic care is an appropriate choice for them (in person or over the phone, with no obligation or cost). All that it takes is for you to give our office a call to set up a mutually convenient time to speak with the doctor.

Our primary purpose is to help our patients achieve a greater level health by assisting them in being able to "Move Right, Eat Right, Think Right, and Sleep Right". Our conservative, drugless approach often combines chiropractic treatment with specific stretches, and exercises along with postural advice, and nutritional council from Dr. Pfeiffer. We treat a variety of common health conditions like soreness or pain in the back, pain in the neck, headaches, pain or tingling in the arms, hands, feet, and legs, as well as elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, and hip pain. Understanding one's condition, improving strength, improving flexibility, bettering one's posture and actively participating in one's treatment are all goals we aim to achieve with each of our patients.

We are commonly involved in the rehabilitation of back and neck injuries whether they are sustained during one's free time, in an automobile accident, or at work. We also provide information about improving one's diet, improving ergonomic awareness both at home and at work, and increasing the overall quality of one's health.

Setting up an appointment time is the simple first step. You can make your appointment now by calling us at 215-679-7800.

If you believe that your health concerns are more nutrition based, you can receive a complementary consultation with Dr. Pfeiffer at the Center for Nutrition and Wellness by calling 215-679-WELL (9355). Additionally, you can sign up to receive our FREE Longer, Healthier Life Wellness Newsletter, which contains office news, inspirational quotes, event information, and articles written by Dr. Pfeiffer. (This is in addition to the regular chiropractic-focused featured article below.) Click here to sign up today.

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  • "Before I came to see Upper Perk Chiropractic Center I had pain in my lower back and jabbing pain down my right leg. I knew I had a herniated disc from prior imaging, but the pain had come and gone over the last several years. In the past, I would take an NSAID to reduce the inflammation, but I knew this was never going to be a “cure”. I was referred to Dr. Pfeiffer through a friend.

    My pain has substantially decreased. Coming to Upper Perk Chiropractic Center has not only helped with my back pain, but other spinal conditions were recognized and those too are being corrected. After two weeks I can already feel the difference and am excited to see my quality of life improving in the weeks to come with chiropractic care in Dr. Pfeiffer's office."
    Lindsey Stevens
  • "Three years ago I tore my AC joint. After a few months I had pain in my neck and back. Since then I have had sharp pains ranging from 5-7 on a scale of 1 to 10. I tried chiropractic before but unfortunately it didn't stick with it. This time I found Dr. Pfeiffer's office, and I am sticking to his treatment program.

    After a month of care with Dr. Pfeiffer, my range of motion has increased without pain. I thought chiropractic wouldn't work for me because I was in pain for so long, but it has definitely began to work quickly."
    Nick Lawlor
  • "For years I had lower back tension and pain. I would have to stop mid-shift at work to try and stretch my lower back for minimal relief. Yoga helped but it was only a temporary fix. I finally looked for chiropractic help when I developed sciatic nerve pain. I was referred to Dr. Pfeiffer by my husband.

    Now my lower back pain is relieved. I can work an entire shift with no pain or tightness. My posture has also improved drastically."
    Kaitlyn Mowers
  • "Many years ago I fell at a construction site and suffered severe pain in my lower back. My family doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and said to give it time and it would eventually relieve the pain. A friend suggested a chiropractor so I figured I couldn't get any worse.

    I began chiropractic care and it definitely started to make a difference. After years of chiropractic care my condition was better but not what I was hoping to accomplish. By luck I was united with Dr. Pfeiffer. When Dr. Pfeiffer examined me, he determined that we should try a different adjustment plan. Fortunately for me, it worked. I now stay with in my physical limits and quality of life is great. The moral of my story is; when you hit a dead end, look around the corner. There is always a solution to a better life. “Chiropractic” is it!"
    - Robert Dries
  • "I had pain in my neck on the left side which went all the way into my shoulder. I have suffered for at least five years off and on. At one point I even missed a week of work and was wearing a collar. Dr. Pfeiffer examined me and was able to pinpoint my problem. I feel treatment has helped me more completely and I am optimistic that I will have long term relief."
    - Fern D. / Pennsburg, PA
  • "I could not turn my head to the left and my left arm would get numb. It was quite painful in my neck. I had this pain for several weeks. I used ice but had no relief so I contacted Dr. Pfeiffer.
    Now I can turn my head to the left and put my head up and down. I have no more numbness in my arm. I am always telling people to try chiropractic."
    George Smith
  • "I suffered with muscle spasms in my mid back and pain in my lower back for a couple months. I could not take the pain anymore so I looked in the phone book for a chiropractor in the area and I found Dr. Pfeiffer.
    At times I still have issues, but I see Dr. Pfeiffer on a regular maintenance schedule and that keeps me going."
    - Donna Woodland

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