Iron Clad Money Back Guarentee

Dr. Pfeiffer's 21-Day Crave Clinic IRON CLAD Money Back Guarantee

Make your family, your spouse, your friends and most importantly YOU happy. I know that you WANT to lose weight and learn how to live a HAPPIER, longer life. You to can be like our hundreds of Cleansers, and perhaps even be asked to tell your success story to help others. I have offered you a 3 payment plan to make it easier. Now I will pull out all of the stops and give you a money back guarantee.
Our Promise to You.

Here it is: If after our first Crave Clinic meeting you are not completely satisfied, just let us know before the end of the night, and we will refund your entire payment in full.

I can't make it any easier or more fail safe than that. So what is holding you back? You have absolutely nothing to lose (except those unwanted pounds) and everything to gain (like your health and your life). Call us today: 215-679-WELL (9355).

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