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  • Ready For A Good Night's Sleep?
    How to Sleep Better with Diet and Lifestyle by Ocean Robbins, Food Network RevolutionGeting enoughh sleeps is very impportant for mental and physical proformance.If you noticed a few errors in the Read more
  • Why You Should be Eating Grass-Fed Beef
    Why You Should be Eating Grass-Fed Beef for Your Immune System by Susan Patterson, Alternative Daily The old saying, "You are what you eat," is true and also accurate is the Read more
  • Out Of TP? Here's An Idea.
    The Grocery Store Ran Out of Toilet Paper, So I Made a Bidet by Susan Patterson, Alternative DailyIf you have found yourself astonished with the current toilet paper crisis, here is Read more
  • Now This Is Good News!
    Spring Fruits and Vegetables that Keep You Young by Aging Defeated  For those of us living in northern climates, it's been a long, cold winter. Even more than usual, I'm looking forward Read more
  • Make Your Own Home Cleaning and Disinfecting Kit
    by Susan Patterson, Alternative DailyIf you have been to the store lately, you have likely seen a reduction in certain home supplies such as disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, Read more
    Chiropractic care includes benefits to the immune system in addition to treating back pain. by All American HealthcareChiropractic care was first linked to the immune system during the deadly flu epidemic in Read more
    Low-Fat Diet Linked To Lower Testosterone Levels In Men by WOLTERS KLUWER HEALTHFor the many men diagnosed with testosterone deficiency, losing weight can help increase testosterone levels. But certain diets - Read more
    Are any of these cooking oils are destroying your health? by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer Today, I wanted to give you my take on a confusing subject to Read more
    Have you ever seen an animal with a trademark? by GMOs Revealed   Neither had we...until recently. A genetically modified, trademarked salmon has been approved for human consumption by the FDA and Read more
  • Is COFFEE Included InThe 6 Healthiest Beverages??
    If you really want to boost your health, what does the science reveal about the healthiest beverages? While many of you know I am not a big advocate of coffee drinking, Read more
  • Which Body Part Might Be The Heart Of The Aging Process?
    This Part of Your Body May be the Very Heart of the Aging Process by Aging DefeatedInside your brain, there's a very small section of tissue that some researchers believe is Read more
  • Is your cookware safe?
    Or is it off-gassing toxic chemicals that get into your food and body? by Food Revolution NetworkYou've just returned from the store or farmers market with an armful of fresh, delicious, Read more
  • This Controversial Topic Deserves Your Attention
    VACCINES AGAIN??? I am writing today about a topic that is not only controversial, but also a very emotional subject for many. I say that because when I have written about Read more
    Our FOOD DRIVE Was A Huge Success!Check Out The Results. This is a pic of Melissa B. who was the "Grand Prize Winner" in our "Food Drive Raffle" to benefit The Read more
  • What You Need To Know About Eggs
    What Everyone Should Know About Eating Raw Eggs As one who has suffered a "salmonella poisoning" not once but twice I can tell you that it is NO FUN! My experiences Read more
    Television Can Erode Your Memory! by Awakening From Alzheimer'sFor over 25 years scientists have speculated that watching television can contribute to dementia. And yet in all this time, the idea hasn't Read more