Opioid Crisis



In my 33 years of practice I have seen many medical treatment methods come and go. These included gold injections for rheumatoid arthritis, to unnecessary surgeries for vertebral disc herniation’s years ago, before all conservative methods were tried, to the abuse of antibiotic therapy to the point where antibiotic resistant bacterial strains developed like MERSA which could not be handled with any known antibiotic. These and many others perhaps pale in comparison to the devastating "opioid epidemic" that has ravaged our country.


The majority of which was perpetrated once again by the medical and pharmaceutical industries. And even worse the addictive effects of these horrible drugs that were given out/prescribed like candy were purportedly known to management in the business of manufacturing these drugs, yet they did everything that they could to cover this up, and continue to reap the profits of this little money making drug. 


Now we need to try to backtrack and do everything in the power of local, state and federal governments, as well as the healthcare community to unravel the damage that has been done as is all too often is the case, common sense has not been utilized to date to deal with the dilemma of "chronic pain syndromes". In other words using the most cost effective, non-invasive, conservative care first to treat all pain syndromes originating from a neuro-musculo-skeletal cause. That first line of care currently is and has been for the last 125 years the care offered by Doctors of Chiropractic.


All studies to date performed by private and government’s entities have proven that conservative chiropractic care is the firm of treatment that gets the fastest; results with the lease amount of lost time from work, and also is the most cost effective. 


So why you might ask has chiropractic care not been streamlined into the health care system sooner. There are actually many reasons for this. Most of which have been promulgated by the medical establishment. But that is about to change!!! You see the truth always prevails. And the truth is that the system is broken and we need to help to fix it. Remember, I have said for years to my patients that there is one reason that our profession has survived for 125 years in spite of the unfortunate medical animosity against us, and that is that; "We are unfortunately the profession of last resort that gets results with the things that no one else can!" 


This perception is fortunately changing, and the profession is now being unleashed to rescue us from this unfortunate and devastating epidemic of opioid abuse.