Greetings From A Former Cleanse Grad

This is what it's all about!

Changing People's Lives by

Changing Their BELIEF SYSTEMS!

You may remember Kelly as one of our recent past Cleansers. She recently emailed us to let us know how she is doing, how GREAT she is doing. You will want to read her progress report below. THIS CAN BE YOU TOO! 

Dr. Pfeiffer

Greetings from an old Cleanser who is still on the right track! 

The Fall Cleanse has been on my mind this whole summer.  I may have been more excited for the cleanse to begin than your whopping class of 30!  Maybe because I know how much they are going to transform and how their lives are about to change for the better.  Please let them know that they are making the best choice for themselves by committing to this Cleanse.

As for me; well, so much of my life is different now because of what I committed to last January.  I eliminated the three things completely from my diet that I believe were slowly killing me:  caffeine, processed foods, and OTC drugs (knowing that most of them originated from petroleum is what did it for me)!  

With your guidance in the Wellness Center, the whole food supplements keep my mood, energy, and hunger levels in check.  I feel great!  I am a happy, fulfilled person who now realizes that anything is in my grasp - quitting is not an option!
Your loyal patient,

Kelly Alderfer