Family Testimonials

.My wife Doris and I both had severe pain in our backs on and off for years. We took steroid meds and different pain meds at different times. The pain would lessen and later come back. Doris even had injections at trigger points in her back. Both of us tried physical therapy several different times. A good friend recommended Dr. Pfeiffer to Doris and after he worked on her spine, her pain went away, and I started chiropractic on my back because of Doris’ good results.

Doris’ pain is gone, and my pain is much less. I can now sleep through the night. Before chiropractic Doris could not sleep, ride in the car or do too much of anything. With much less pain now, I can cut, split, and stack firewood and ride the tractor to mow the lawn and we both work in the gardens. If you have severe pain in your back, take it from us, chiropractic care with Dr. Pfeiffer can really make a great difference.

Bert & Doris Stover


My three girls often complained of headaches, aching legs, and backs. Regular visits to the chiropractor seemed as important for them as is the case for mom and dad. It was natural for us to start taking them for adjustments.

I had no idea how routine adjustments help maintain health. Ear infections lessened; headaches disappeared – growing pains improved. I encourage any family to make chiropractic care a family health goal. Children will watch and learn. My children now tell me when they need to see Dr. Peiffer. They know their bodies!

Jennifer Dieffenbach & Family