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Below are past copies of our monthly Longer Healthier Life newsletter, which contains articles and messages written by Dr. Pfeiffer as well as news and other information from the entire team at both the Center for Nutrition and Wellness and the Upper Perk Chiropractic Center. Use the links below to learn more about how to restore and maintain your health and wellness.

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InflamationInflamation: Our Healthspan’s Greatest Threat”Article Only06/02/2024
Living Well (cont.)Improving Your “Healthspan” - Part Two of TwoArticle Only05/05/2024
Living WellImproving Your “Healthspan” - Part One of TwoArticle Only04/07/2024
Fish Oil Best Types - Recycled articleThe Balance Between Omega-3 and Omega-6Article Only03/03/2024
Blood Vessel membrane (glycocalyx); exercise alone is not enoughWhy exercise alone doesn't always workArticle Only02/04/2024
Cleanse RebrandIntroducing Dr. Pfeiffer's Crave Clinicnone01/22/2024
Lyme DiseaseWe're making a fresh start.Article Only01/07/2024
Vitamin D/Liquid Vitamin D/K2Animals, Awards, Gratitude, and Vitamin DArticle Only11/05/2023
Diabetes and cognitive declineOne More Reason to Avoid DiabetesArticle Only10/01/2023
Time-Restricted EatingVacation Office Closure, time-restricted eating, and moreArticle Only09/03/2023
Weight Loss StruggleWhat to do when they tell you to lose weightArticle Only08/06/2023
Tonsils & adrenoid glandsStay Healthy This July 4thArticle Only07/02/2023
Stress ReliefNot Just for Dads: Stress Relief is For AllArticle Only06/04/2023
Poor sleep and its negative effectsCelebrate Mother's Day with SleepArticle Only05/07/2023
A Connection Between Toxic Pollution and Parkinson's A Connection Between Toxic Pollution and Parkinson'sArticle Only03/12/2023
Reading electronic devices/breathe when you readBe Sure to Breathe When You ReadArticle Only02/26/2023
Microbiome FollowupYour Brain Responds to What You Put in Your GutArticle Only02/12/2023
Microbiome Part IIPart II of Microorganisms, Microbiome, and How We Interact With ThemArticle Only01/29/2023
Microbiome Part IMicro-organisms, Microbiome, and How We Interact With ThemArticle Only01/15/2023
Respiratory Syncytial VirusRSV and Flu Gone Crazy Article Only12/04/2022
ExergamingAll of Us With Our Heads DownArticle Only11/06/2022
ParkinsonsWhat is Parkinson'sArticle Only10/23/2022
Your LiverNever Take This Body Part for GrantedArticle Only10/09/2022
Sun and DementiaThe Sun and DementiaArticle Only09/25/2022
MelanomaMalignant Melanoma - Words You Never Want to HearArticle Only09/11/2022
EMFs - Cell Phones and DementiaA Possible Link Between Cell Phones and DementiaArticle Only08/28/2022
SARS-CoV-2 and Heart InflamationSARS-CoV-2 and Heart InflammationArticle Only08/14/2022
Protein cells and dementia/sauna potentialThere is power in protein for fighting dementiaArticle Only07/31/2022
Digestive HealthListen to What Your Gut is Telling You.Article Only07/17/2022
Morning Routine for Health; Avoid Grim StatisticAvoid Becoming a Grim StatisticArticle Only06/12/2022
Doctor Patient Relationship - Still Hope forSaving the Doctor-Patient RelationshipArticle Only05/15/2022
Doctor Patient RelationshipThe Doctor-Patient Relationship May Be ObsoleteArticle Only05/01/2022
Acetaminophen and ADHDTrouble with a Common Pain MedicationArticle Only04/03/2022
Avoid Dementia and Alzheimer’sA Simple Way to Avoid Dementia and Alzheimer’sArticle Only03/20/2022
Understanding Autoimmunity - Part IIAutoimmune Disorders Explained - Part TwoArticle Only03/06/2022
Understanding AutoimmunityAutoimmune Disorders ExplainedArticle Only02/20/2022
Parkinson's, Stroke and Empathy for 9-19-21Healing by connecting to others.None09/19/2021
Bolster Your Immunity Against VirusesCheck out our new newsletter formatArticle Only09/05/2021
New Alzheimer’s Drug Released. Effective? You be the JudgeNew Alzheimer’s Drug Released. Effective? You be the Judge.Article Only07/18/2021
ERGOAre You Getting Enough ERGO in Your Diet?Article Only05/23/2021
Vitamin D; Part IV - endVitamin D Series EndNone03/07/2021
Vitamin D; Part IIIVitamin D, Part III: Is it a Vitamin or a Hormone?Article Only02/28/2021
Vitamin D; Part IIVitamin D, Part II: Is it a Vitamin or a Hormone?Article Only02/21/2021
Vitamin D; Part IVitamin D, Part I: Is it a Vitamin or a Hormone?Article Only02/14/2021
The Troubled ThyroidHow's Your Thyroid?Article Only01/24/2021

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