CL - Written Testimonials


Seven years ago, it was recommended that I get partial knee surgery. I did not want surgery so I opted for the synvisc injections which helped. Insurance denied a second shot of synvisc due to the cost at $1,000/shot. They did approve hyaluronan injections which did nothing. So I just dealt with the pain for years. The pain gradually and progressively became worse as time wore on. I did some research and started taking tumeric as an anti inflammatory, which really worked well and I am still taking it. I still had pain walking down hill, even on slight inclines. Dr. Pfeiffer sent out a newsletter explaining low level laser treatment and I scheduled an appointment. After the first treatment which took a total of four minutes, I felt immediate relief. Thinking it was just mental, I took my dog for a walk in Green Lane Park which has many hills. I felt a 75% reduction in pain!!! I would recommend this to anyone that suffers from arthritis pain. 

After a series of 16 treatments I have at least an 80% pain reduction. I can also now dismount my horse without wincing in pain! It’s just amazing! 

Theresa Plaisted