Neuropathy Written Testimonials


For over twenty years I have been in pain. My condition was diagnosed as lupus, fibromyalgia. About five years ago a neurologist told me it was neuropathy. The medication he prescribed helped with some of the symptoms. I felt there must be something better. I have had the burning and tingling in my hands and feet and general exhaustion. Now that I have been diagnosed with PLS, I absolutely decided to at least try to have the neuropathy addressed. I began treating with Dr. Pfeiffer, and I must say that I was a little leary about the possibility of success. But I am now seeing improvement. Since my feet have been my main problem, I can now see a day or two of good days and maybe a day of not so good. After all the years of pain, It is nice to start having some good days. I know that I am also responsible to follow what is expected of me, my care and treatment is a partnership.

Donna Raedler


About 10 years ago, I had been diagnosed with neuropathy. This was prior to being

diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. I have been going to the neurologist who was throwing medication at me until we could find something that would reduce the pain. It started out as tingling in the toes which then progressively got more intense. It went to my small toe on my left foot to my big to then started going into my right foot and the neurologist and primary care doctor both said it was going to get progressively worse. They were just throwing pain killers at me. Unfortunately they weren’t doing anything. If anything, they were just taking the edge off. They weren’t taking the pain away. It just got progressively worse and started working up my legs and into my calves. What it was doing was restricting me from really any type of exercise like walking. The cardiologist told me to exercise and walk. I said “yea sure as soon as my feet feel better”. I decided that I needed to do something else. I saw Dr. Pfeiffer’s advertisement. I talked to my primary care doctor and my neurologist about Dr. Pfeiffer’s “Neuropathy Program”. They both felt that there was no harm in trying the program. When I came to Dr. Pfeiffer, he did a consultation to discuss my issues. Dr. Pfeiffer did an examination on me. I had a lot less feeling in my calves, ankles, and my feet. Dr. Pfeiffer started me on a program of light therapy, electronic stimulation and some natural supplements. Every week there was a positive progression. I am at the point, now that, the pain in my calves and ankles has lessened, and ever has pretty much been eliminated. I have increased feeling in my feet. I know it’s still there at times in the morning when I get up. But overall I feel pretty darn good and it’s almost back to normal.

My situation was that I was experiencing pins and needles, numbness and cold sensations in my feet for the past two years. I could not feel my feet when walking or driving. I feared that I would fall due to poor balance. I had heard advertisements on the radio and then saw Dr. Pfeiffer’s sign. I called to schedule an examination.

I noticed the pins and needles were gone within the first weeks of treatment. My feet are no longer cold and I can now feel the gas and break peddles when I drive. My balance is coming back and I now have no discomfort when I walk. If you are having any of these symptoms, I defiantly recommend getting an appointment to begin Dr. Pfeiffer’s Neuropathy Program.

John Statuti