What is Dr. Pfeiffer’s Crave Clinic?

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Whether you remember us referring to this as “The Cleanse” or you are hearing about “The Crave Clinic” for the first time, this is actually a full system detoxification program. 

This program is not for everyone. Dr. Pfeiffer knows who qualifies and who doesn’t, after you have responded to a few simple questions.

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Dr. Pfeiffer’s Crave Clinic is a time-honored, goal-oriented program
that aims to achieve longterm health and wellness through
a 21-day, “Full-System” detoxification along with
the guidance and support you need
to create the lifestyle you crave.

Held twice each year (Spring and Fall), each session is preceded by a free, no-obligation Crave Clinic Overview in which the doctor explains the process, expectations, benefits, costs, and more.

The Crave Clinic program includes:

  • Guided supplementation with a focus on detoxifying your system to aid in regaining self-control.
  • Supervised progress monitoring to address your individualized temptations and needs.
  • Education and support to help you recognize and banish junk food and health-adverse behaviors.
  • Access to a non-judgmental, in-person network of fellow cravers with whom you can share the experience.
  • A roadmap for lifestyle improvements that are consistent with our genetic design (a.k.a. a Genetically Congruent Lifestyle).
  • For those who require extended Targeted Functional Nutrition and lifestyle modifications and support, a seamless transition to further care via the Center for Nutrition and Wellness.

This is the same “Cleanse” program Dr. Pfeiffer developed and used to help hundreds of patients for more than 14 years. Its identity has been revitalized to better depict its many additional aspects beyond detoxification. All of Dr. Pfeiffer’s Four Pillars of Health that are addressed in his book, Longer Healthier Life, are expanded upon in this program: Eat Right; Sleep Right; Move Right; and Think Right.

The benefits and results of this program are unique to each individual and depends upon a person’s starting point. 

However, the following are the doctor’s primary goals: 

  • reduce toxicity
  • reduce inflammation
  • restore or improve general overall health and wellness

The most common observations from past participants include:

  • a noticeable healthy glow
  • improved sleep
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased energy and stamina
  • a leaner physic*
  • increased mobility
  • fewer aches and pains
  • reduced mental fog
  • improved stress management
  • new cravings for whole food and a vibrant, active lifestyle

*Note: this is NOT intended to be a weight loss program. However, because it aims to break the same unhealthy cycle that causes your body to store excess fat, weight loss is very often observed and appreciated.

The Basic Process

First of all this process is not for all. You must go into this committed to completing it. I know that some simply are not ready to make the commitment to go through this process and that is fine, since we do The Clinic twice a year. You can join us for our Clinic when you are ready.

The Crave Clinic takes only 21 days, yet it gives you the necessary tools to start a lifetime of overall health and well-being.

You will eat real food everyday. Breakfast will consist of a S.P. Complete shake mixed with fruit, which begins the detoxification process for you every morning. You will have a lunch consisting of a salad (large) with some meat (chicken or fish, for example). You can have another shake in the afternoon or evening if you would like. For dinner you will eat a portion of protein (the size and width of your hand) with 2 or 3 green vegetables or a large salad (no potatoes, pasta or rice). Beverages are primarily water and green tea. During this time you will take specific detoxification supplements. The supplements are whole food, none are synthetic.

All participants (affectionately known as “Cleansers”) will be required to attend weekly meetings at the Center for Nutrition and Wellness so that we may monitor your progress, and so that you can ask any questions that may arise during the course of the program. You can directly as the doctor one-on-one questions and get the most current Nutritional Information available. We will also stay in touch via e-mail and phone if necessary. For those of you who are out of the area, we should be able to do a conference call during the meeting so that you won’t miss a thing.

One interested Silver Inner Health Circle™ Member asked about going to banquets during the Cleanse. I have to tell you that my wife and I cleansed while we were vacationing and we did fine. Even at a party you will be able to find foods that you can eat. No you can’t eat cake or drink soda (you shouldn’t even when you are not in the Clinic), but you can always eat the salad, meat and green vegetables.

The cost is minimal for this type of program, particularly for one that lasts three weeks. Some similar programs cost over $1,000.00. When you calculate the cost of the supplies alone, our full system detoxification by comparison is extremely cost effective. Our system also offers one thing invaluable, which is not offered with other systems, which is the weekly Education and Support Meetings and e-mails, along with interactive communication with me during those quick 21 days. 

Get more information about Dr. Pfeiffer’s Cleanse here: We offer you an easy 3 Pay Plan which you can access through our website and our “Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee.” So that if after our first meeting you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your entire cost for the program. That includes everything I reviewed (the S.P. Complete shake, all of the required supplements, Flax Oil, program guides, and our constant support and training throughout the 21 day process).

So here is my challenge to you: How many of you have what it takes to do something for yourself that will change your life forever? I can guarantee you that you will finish The Crave Clinic a different person, physically, mentally, and you will never be the same. Both your Health and Wellness will improve as well as your vitality and energy level.

I hope that those of you who have voiced an interest in our “3 Week Challenge” will qualify. I need to hear from you today so that I can determine who will qualify. Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify, but please let me be the judge. If you have voiced an interest in the Cleanse or The Crave Clinic and now feel, after hearing the details, that you want to go ahead, then we need your response right away.

Read what some of our Cleanse Graduates testimonials to hear what they say about their experiences.

“During the second week of the Cleanse I have more energy and am feeling great. Caffeine is no longer an issue; I love the shakes! The challenges are greatly surpassed by the rewards. Its amazing how the body responds when treated well. One of the most exciting changes is that finally my sleep is improving, which has been a huge issue with me. I love the easy weight loss.” ~ Thea F.

“During the final week of the Cleanse I’ve felt more energized in the mornings; I’ve been less tired and more eager to get up. One of the most exciting changes I’ve noticed is the increased energy. I would tell future Cleaners: You need it!” ~Robert N.

I am looking forward to hearing for from you and assisting you in changing the course of your life.

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Yours in health,

Dr. Pfeiffer

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Our Purpose:

“To change Humanity by teaching and demonstrating the things that you can do to create a “Genetically Congruent” lifestyle which will divert your life path from a sickness and disease paradigm to a Health and Wellness Paradigm.”